Hardy’s Loss

In Mellstock Church lies Hardy’s heart, his Casterbridge nearby,

But there’s a threat could mean we lose his landscape and his sky !

His Parish it could soon be lost under concrete, brick and tar,

Four thousand houses could be built and each will have its car.

This will not help with climate change, in fact will make it worse

Though some will make a fortune, for the rest – may be a curse.

This site is truly timeless for all who love the town,

A taste of nature set within the valley and the down.

It’s been our northern boundary since the Romans built right here,

As sharp a break, contrast to make, ‘tween town and country dear.

We stopped the railways ruining Poundbury hillfort and Maumbury Rings,

We’ll fight again to stop this blot and to our treasures cling.

Our small and friendly market town could soon be urban sprawl

Its character and setting lost with no gain for us at all.

How can this honour Dorset folk who’ve written of its life,

Who’ve told its stories, good and bad, its triumphs and its strife ?

Let’s stop this crazy project, remove it from the Plan,

Respond today, let’s choose our way. We can. We can. We can!