Campaigning to save the area north of Dorchester

What is proposed?

Dorset Council controversial proposal to build over 4,000 houses on a much-loved area of the countryside to the north of Dorchester. 

Why we’re objecting

There are a number of grounds for objecting to this development, including: connection and road links, impact on the environment, impact on the heritage…

Housing Needs

Many people, particularly younger people, may think the only way to get their own place to live is to allow this North Dorchester development to go ahead.

How can I help?


Join us on a walk or a street stall, join a Community Land Trust, taking the protest to the new Dorset Council.


With funds we hope to make promotional videos, commission a professional study, challenge the consultant’s reports.


Resources, views and updates

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  • National petition opposing development on greenfield sites

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