Response to Dorset Council Local Plan Options

Stinsford Parish Council March 2021 This document constitutes Stinsford Parish Council’s response to the Dorset Council Local Plan Options consultation. Whilst considering the wider plan and consultation process it focusses more specifically on Dorchester and policy DOR13: Land north of Dorchester as the majority of this site lies within the Parish of Stinsford... READ THE … Continue reading Response to Dorset Council Local Plan Options

Protecting our Archaeological Heritage

Protecting our Archaeological Heritage – a Discussion Paper Dorset Council’s draft local plan Options Consultation document for Central Dorset (Vol 2) refers to Dorchester’s ‘rich heritage dating back to pre-Roman era’, (23.6.44) but other than a passing reference to Maiden Castle, there is no further explanation regarding the area’s extraordinary prehistory; the emphasis is on … Continue reading Protecting our Archaeological Heritage