Dorchester drinking water threatened.

The construction of 4,000 houses on farmland bordering the River Frome presents a significant risk to Dorchester’s water supply. This threat to our drinking water was first highlighted by regional water company Wessex Water. The company says the development could result in pollution of the Eagle Lodge borehole, which provides most of the Dorchester area’s … Continue reading Dorchester drinking water threatened.

Hundreds march against development plans Paraded in shame: a developer and planner back to back on a donkey re-create Thomas Hardy's Skimmity Ride from the Mayor of Casterbridge. The crowd march in protest at Dorset’s local plan proposal to build a town of 4000 houses above Dorchester’s water meadows. They believe Dorset Deserves Better - much better. The town, … Continue reading Hundreds march against development plans

Stand brings Skimmity back to Dorchester!

Our campaign, opposing plans to build 4,000 houses in Stinsford parish is staging protest march through Dorchester on Saturday, April 2. It will feature a recreation of one of Thomas Hardy’s most memorable scenes – the Skimmity Ride from The Mayor of Casterbridge. Sometimes referred to as a Skimmington Ride, this rural tradition was intended … Continue reading Stand brings Skimmity back to Dorchester!

Letter to Councillor

By May 2022, as a member of Dorset Council, you will be called on to vote on the publication version of the Local Plan, a plan that will profoundly impact the distinctive landscape, wildlife and heritage of Dorset and the lives of the people who live here for generations to come. Read the letter