What is STAND?

We’re a group of local people campaigning against the proposal to build 3,500 houses on countryside to the north of Dorchester in Dorset.

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cropped-img_8506.jpgThe watermeadows are home to birds like this kingfisher, and otters have been seen in the River Frome. The river valley floods in winter.

This is a much-loved area of the countryside, largely unchanged since Thomas Hardy’s day. A building development of 3,500 houses here would change the character of Dorchester deeply and irrevocably. It will have a considerable impact on local services and traffic, but provide no guarantee of affordable housing. It will devastate the countryside and could damage our tourist industry.

1993_539_Vol2_014 copyAt Coker’s Frome by H.J.Moule. Little has changed since this was painted in 1884, and the sharp cut-off between town and country has been here since Roman times.

Where is the site?

The map shows the proposed site in red. The grey area is the existing town of Dorchester and the blue area shows the size the Poundbury development will be when it is finished.


The developers are the North Dorchester Consortium, which includes Persimmon Homes.

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