Stand - Campaigning to save the area north of Dorchester – North of Frome Whitfield Lane, between the B3143 and A35.
The hedgerow on the skyline is the site of a Bronze Age cemetery. People have lived, farmed and died here for thousands of years.

Thank you, Alistair,
As a resident of Frome Whitfield, I am obviously biased in my answer to your question, and while trying not to be a NIMBY, the main reasons in order are:

1. The Destruction of such a uniquely beautiful piece of rural countryside.

2. Concern of the impact upon residences of the area and Dorchester town by flooding and traffic.

3. The impact upon the town of Dorchester.

4. The unrealistically high projections of housing needs.

5. The location of the proposed development in term of access and facilities.

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