A statement from Cllr. Richard Biggs, Mayor of Dorchester, on “DOR 13”, the proposed north Dorchester site for 4000 houses in the Local Plan.

“The Town Council have re-iterated their fundamental opposition to Policy DOR 13 and will be engaging professional expertise to develop a robust objection. A plan to build houses there in the 1980s was dropped as unviable and it is unviable today as it was then. Now more than ever we need to value our remaining green space that borders our market town. I have walked the area concerned almost daily due to the pandemic and seen and photographed much wildlife and landscape beauty. 

I consider it Dorchester’s green lung and we must defend it with all our best endeavours. The move to home working that for many will remain permanent has transformed the way we work and office and shop space in the town remains empty. There is much opportunity for quality homes for all within our town and throughout Dorset to accommodate the housing need don’t be fooled by offers of a ‘garden community’ I consider that an Orwellian nightmare I don’t want to wake up to”.