Extract from DTC’s Planning and Environment Committee minutes of 6th July 2020 :

Urgent Items
WDDC Consultation on the Local Plan Preferred Options – Policy DOR15
The Chairman (Cllr. Robin Potter) reminded the Committee of the Town Council’s recommendation to object to the WDDC Local Plan Preferred Options (October 2018) – Policy DOR15 as per minute 29 of the special Planning and Environment Committee meeting held on 10th September 2018 and adopted by the Town Council at the Full Council meeting held on 25th September 2018.

It is at least interesting, if not deeply concerning, to examine Dorset Council’s web page on the North of Dorchester Garden Community

This lists, under the heading “North Dorchester Supporting Letters” the “supporting” letter written by the Town Clerk on 5th November 2018 However the website makes no mention of a later crucial letter, written by the Chairman of the Town Council’s Planning and Environment Committee on 11th February 2020, which states the Town Council’s clear opposition to any development on the North Dorchester site.

» You can read the second letter here (pdf opens in new tab/window)

No attempt whatsoever has been made by Dorset Council to indicate the opposition of the Town Council to this proposed development site and many people, reading the Dorset Council website may well think the Town Council is still in favour of developing this sensitive site!