10.30am Sunday 5 April 2020

Meet on Frome Terrace green (DT1 1JQ) by the bridge over the Millstream.

3.5 mile walk across the water-meadows and over the downland to the north of Dorchester, the countryside which would be destroyed by the proposed building of 3,500-4,000 houses. The walk, led by Alistair Chisholm of STAND and Tony Fincham of the Thomas Hardy Society, will explore the devastating effects that the proposed development would have on Hardy’s landscape, especially on the setting of Casterbridge/Dorchester.

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) – this is an outdoor event with low numbers of people. If you feel at all unwell or have any health problems, please do not attend. See Department for Health and Social Care for health information.

It is unlikely that the proposed walks on 19 April, 3 May and 6 June will go ahead.

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